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Grown in Little Peconic Bay, Peeko Oysters are the only oysters based out of New Suffolk, NY. We hope you’ll find Peekos to be perfectly plump and satisfying.

Owner, farmer, and avid fisherman Peter Stein founded Peeko Oysters in 2016 after leaving a corporate job in business consulting and educational software. It is his love and passion for the area and his farm that makes eating and learning about Peekos so enjoyable. Taste one and see for yourself.

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Our team ensures that each oyster is flawlessly grown and harvested – you can spot a fully grown Peeko by its deep, umber shell that resembles a wonderfully baked croissant. Since Peekos are grown only 80 miles east of New York City, our oysters are delivered fresh to some of the most popular NYC restaurants. Or, if you’re interested in having Peekos at your own, personal soiree, contact us to schedule a delivery.

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